Investing in Equity is undoubtedly the best route to long-term wealth creation. Hence, investing in Equity Instruments require necessary skills, proper research and focus in the market. Equity market investment is profitable and it has always given high returns, provided proper choice of sectors and securities is made.


Anvil provides end-to-end equity solutions to institutional and individual investors. The investment ideas identified by the research team are presented and communicated to our clients. Consistent delivery of high quality advice on individual stocks, sector trends and investment strategies has established us as a competent and reliable broking house.


Clients can trade through us offline and online on BSE and NSE for equities. Real time administration and highly trained dealers provide fast execution of client’s broking requirements. Clients can access research and investment ideas through website. Anvil provides 24*7 Web-enabled back office support to its esteemed clients.

The term “Derivative” indicates that its value is entirely derived from the value of the underlying asset, which can be stocks, securities, commodities, bullion or currency. Derivative means a forward, future, option or any other hybrid contract of pre-determined fixed duration linked to the value of a specified real or financial asset.

The introduction of futures and options trading has changed the face of Indian stock markets. Investors now have access to a new market, where they can hedge their investments in stocks and limit their risk to get higher returns in percentage terms. They can also leverage their positions by paying a margin towards the purchase of the stocks. Leverage is a double-edged sword for which one requires proper guidance. Our strategist helps the clients on various strategies like Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Covered Call and Hedging Techniques.

Anvil specializes in advising clients on innovative Derivatives strategies for superior risk-return profile. We use option strategies for managing client risk-return profile and provide faster execution of Derivatives transactions. The derivatives are highly lucrative instruments, which give an opportunity to earn superlative profits. Derivative products are usually for clients with high-risk appetite. High degree of discipline is required to protect one’s capital.

ANVIL provides end-to-end equity solutions to Domestic Financial Institutions, Mutual Funds and Banks, servicing their unique and sophisticated needs, with strong emphasis on confidentiality in a sensitive business environment. Trust, Integrity and Research become an integral part of Institutional Servicing.


Dedicated sales team backed by research and technical analysis enable us to provide necessary support to our empanelled clients. Research ideas are generated after in-depth analysis of the Indian and the World Economy, along with various Corporate Sectors. Real time administration and highly trained dealers help to source and place block trades with great accuracy, thus enabling us to maintain strong relations with leading institutional investors.

Private Equity is an asset class, consisting of equity of an operational company that is not publicly traded on a stock exchange. Private Equity is either an investment of capital in an operational company or its acquisition. Capital for Private Equity is raised primarily from institutional investors.


Anvil provides corporate advisory solutions and arranges private equity funds for companies, enabling them to emerge as significant players in their respective segment. The primary investment objective of the private equity is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by providing financial, strategic and operational assistance to emerging companies.


Anvil helps its clients to: –


Get additional capital for growth via Private Equity

Benefit from our strategic financial advice


The companies Anvil supports will have: –


A sustainable and scalable business model

Strong competitive advantage

Top-quality motivated management team

Good cash flow generating business

Intention to create value for all stakeholders

ANVIL specializes in Stock Futures Arbitrage and Pair Trading Strategies. Arbitrage offers superior risk return than conventional strategies when large funds are involved.


Anvil’s expertise is in absolute online monitoring of Index composition, fresh allotment of shares, mergers and de-mergers that affect the weightage and market capitalization of the constituent stocks. Various software procured or developed in-house, are used for monitoring of positions and execution of trades. With more and more sectoral indices being introduced and volumes increasing rapidly in the derivatives segment, there is a large potential for better realizations, smoother execution and wider options in arbitrage.


We are also looking at offering product based on Spot to Future arbitrage. With more scripts being added to the Derivatives segment, larger volumes and open positions in the market, there is now a better scope of the basic Spot/Futures arbitrage, as a safe and consistent avenue.


Apart from these, we are on constant lookout for Arbitrage opportunities from corporate announcements such as Dividends, Buybacks and Partly Paid shares, where calls are yet to be made.


At Anvil, while we strive for the best possible returns for the clients, the safety of the principal is paramount. We are very transparent in the complete process and the clients are provided complete step-by-step details of the transactions.